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Colonel Custard

Colonel Custard

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CODE NAME: "Mad dough" 

SPECIALTY: Evil mastermind, Master of deception

WEAPONS: A pair of serrated blades mounted to his wrists and his coffee lid shield 

WEAKNESS: Hot coffee and making fun of his sprinkles

Don’t let his rainbow sprinkles fool you, Colonel Custards heart is colder than the frappe originally ordered with him. After all, being tossed away after just one bite will do that to a donut. Custard was the first to realize the power of Jensei, the Japanese energy drink that created them all, and the life source to keep his jelly core contained. Now he is out for vengeance on every wasteful employee of McMillan Agency. He will stop at nothing to raise an army of the half-eaten Break Room Bandits to take over the whole wide office.

Glows In The Dark! 


3.25 inches tall

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