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Every Great Toy Starts with Story 

& Transcends with Imagination

Sometimes extraordinary things happen to extra-ordinary people, ask Alan McMillan. His life used to be pretty routine; punch into work, make a few sales calls, daydream about the cute receptionist, you know? Normal. Sure, his habit of making action figures out of office supplies and leftover lunches might be a little off-putting to some, but no one really hung out in his cubicle long enough to notice...

Alan preferred it this way and kept his favorite figures hidden in a desk drawer waging imaginary battles between a troop of soldiers he calls Water Cooler Commandos, and the Break Room Bandits. That is, until a freak accident involving his favorite Japanese energy drink sparked them to life. Now, Alan is caught between a very real battle for total office domination. One that threatens to drag him out of his cubicle of comfort and into the office frontlines.

When You Punch Out... They Come Punching In.

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