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Tech Sergeant Scotchy

Tech Sergeant Scotchy


CODE NAME: "Mr fix it" 

SPECIALTY: Master of machines and weapon building 

WEAPONS: Anything his Wielding Torch can make

WEAKNESS: Wet and fuzzy surfaces /anything taller than his roll can reach


The Commandos are only as strong as the glue that binds them, but in this case it's Scotchy's tape that holds most of them and their vehicles together. While his kooky demeanor might lead you to believe one thing, he's quite the genius. He can build the ultimate war machine out of some scraps and strips. He's a fan of repelling and heights or anything that gets his "heart" rolling. He is designed to dispense standard issue tape rolls.*


*Tape Roll Not Included.



4 inches tall 

    *Expected to ship December 2023

    Pre-Order Through Our Partner :

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