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Major Eraser

Major Eraser

CODE NAME: “Eradicator”

SPECIALTY: Born leader, master of archery and vehicles

WEAPONS: Paper clip Bow and Arrows

WEAKNESS: None besides Insubordination - that can't be undone.


As leader of the Water Cooler Commandos, Major Eraser must remain unfazed when the sheets hit the fan and the battle goes into overtime. He’s a natural leader who never wavers from doing what is right, and that’s the challenge. An eraser can rub itself out of existence trying to fix every mistake it comes across. He and the Water Cooler Commandos take the fight into after hours and will stop at nothing to prevent Custard’s campaign for total office domination.



3.75 inches tall

    *Expected to ship December 2023

    Pre-Order Through Our Partner :

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