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Corporal Can

Corporal Can

CODE NAME: "Scaredy Can" 

SPECIALTY: A master of espionage with his task force of nutty cohorts under his lid 

WEAPONS: He’s more of a lover than a fighter...

WEAKNESS: He bends under pressure 


While Corporal Can typically isn't on the front line of battle, he's still a crucial piece of the commando unit. Always keeping a watchful eye on the bandits, knowing their every move with his band of nutty spies.  Originally part of the Bandit legion, he walked away to join the Commandos after hearing Custard's evil plans. Now he's the communication specialist for Major Eraser and the gang keeping them in-sync for coordinated attacks.




Corporal Can 

3.5 inches Tall

5.2 inches Tall with antenna (detachable) 

4 inches wide 



2.5 tall


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