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Commodore Crisps

Commodore Crisps

CODE NAME: "Stacks” 

SPECIALTY: His stack splits into doppelgängers 

WEAPONS: The power of outnumbering his enemy 

WEAKNESS: 1 too many chefs in the kitchen sharing the same brain can get messy


This short stack of terror is as evil and sneaky as they get. His ability to split into multiple minions allows him to be in more places at once, and sneak around the Commandos military zones. He's the backbone of communication for the bandits, what one minion sees another can relay instantly. Unfortunately for the bandits his lack of stability makes him a hard soldier to rely on. 




Stacked body 

2.75 inches tall 

4.25 inches wide 


Tallest chip

2 inches tall 

2.75 inches wide

    *Expected to ship December 2023

    Pre-Order Through Our Partner :

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